by ID students

Connected seating elements where physical actions on one seat are translated to the other.
Design exploration during PlayFit project by Abdeli, Janssen, Kersteman, and Scheffer.


TeaSeat is a set of seating elements in a schoolyard; on the seats, several physical actions can be performed such as wiggling or hanging to one side. These actions are then translated to the other seat, which tilts or vibrates as a result. The goal of Teaseat was to elicit active social play during the lunch break, such as teasing and flirting between seated users.

Teaseat was informally evaluated with 10 teenagers at a high school. In addition, the installation was used by dozens of players at three exhibitions. Sitting and playing showed to be a good combination: there was strong social interaction, and moments of active play and `just sitting and chatting’ occurred.


Jan and Tom are each sitting on a TeaSeat. When Jan leans to the left, Tom’s seat suddenly tilts left as well. Laughing, Tom responds by wiggling on his seat, creating wild vibrations in Jan’s seat. Smiling, they finish their lunch while wiggling occasionally.

2011. Coached by: Gijs Ockeloen & Rob Tieben