Sway-It by Pepijn Fens

Seat that changes colour depending on the user’s balance and actions.
Design exploration during PlayFit project by Pepijn Fens.


Sway-It is a LED-coloured seat, that changes colour depending on the user’s actions. Different actions such as balancing, leaning or kicking result in distinct colours.

A prototype of Sway-It was built, and informally evaluated with five teenagers at a highschool. They commented that wiggling and standing on the chair were enjoyable actions to perform.


Pepijn arrives early at school, and immediately walks to the Sway-It chairs. He climbs on the first chair, and turns it to blue by balancing for five seconds. Smiling, he runs to the next seat, and continues to change all seats to his favourite colour.

2011. Coached by: Mark de Graaf & Rob Tieben